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Imagine a job with a real good feel-good factor with the sound knowledge that your efforts translate into making a real difference to orphans in poverty struck areas of the world. Now imagine being paid for doing work that you enjoy with a sincere passion! We understand that not everyone is privileged enough to afford their time for free. Therefore we believe it wrong to restrict talented people that have the potential to shine simply on account of disposition in relation of their lack of ability to afford their time for free. Presentation6How sad ?

If this is the kind of career or project that you have been waiting for, then wait no longer! The job description and opportunities can be found by scrolling below the gallery. But please click on one of the pictures below (A reminder of just some of the orphans that you will be helping, should you be inspired to take on this project.) which will open the gallery.

Though you may not have any experience in this kind of work, there are just a few small skills and abilities for many of the opportunities available. They are listed as follows: –
1. Basic understanding of computers.
2. An understanding of basic maths.
3. Ability to work alone.
4. Must be tidy and presentable with reasonably good communication skills.
5. Creative, innovative, and also a good degree of using initiative. Previous experience in sales an advantage.

Tools required.

A lap top computer, P.C., or net-book. A smart phone will not suffice.You will also need Microsoft office package no earlierĀ  than 2007 or if you cannot afford that, then a free download of Open office 2013. Other than that, a good pair of walking shoes and a good sense of dress code.