How you can help

AidDirect is the essential life sustaining organisation dedicated to the provision of food for the children of Rafiki orphanage in Kenya.
Each and every £1 raised will put 250 grams of food on the table directly at the point of need. Each £1 includes the purchase, delivery and all administrative costs incurred for 250 grams of food.
Children eat regularly so it is important to give regularly. Please see below a typical example of the difference you can make to others with your weekly, monthly, or annual purchase from Aid Direct. Then simply click on Standing Order located in the menu bar.

This is a fairly new concept in relation to quantifying the exact amount of food aid to be delivered to those you would wish to support. Therefore the customer can always know exactly how much food will be delivered to each and every £1 inclusive of delivery and all administrative costs incurred that they have spent through Aiddirect. PLEASE THEREFORE OBSERVE: – The primary function of Aiddirect is to sell urgently needed food including the delivery to a third party and agreed destination. This is in exactly the same way as Moonpig operates with cards sent to third parties. In other words; you are purchasing food instead of some card from us that will ultimately end up on the tables of those who need it most. Therefore; Aiddirect has never been set up as a charity owing to its primary objective (purchasing food at knock down prices oversees and selling it on with enough profit to cover wages and administrative costs incurred) and function. The agreed destination is Rafiki Homes.
One of our secondary objectives is to create job opportunities for those here in the U.K seeking work or even career change. Please visit our Job Opportunities page.